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It’s common knowledge that you guys are lurking around here and using the posts as content for your articles. Let’s use this as an opportunity to inform some of your readers on proper safety practices to prevent their iClouds and other cloud solutions from being hacked. You are more then welcome to duplicate this post in its entirety or partially as long as you include that it came from this sub, I don’t mind my username not being mentioned as I understand it is a bit explicit.

Also check the comments below for some extra tips.

Tips to keep your accounts safe and prevent your photos from being leaked.

  1. Use a secure password, this includes a random, at least 2 numbers, a few Capitol letters and a few special characters.
  2. Secure your security questions. Personally I have answeres that don’t make since for the questions. Remember anyone that talks to you, reads about you or checks your Facebook can normally find your hometown, first pet, etc. If your famous you give these answers away during interviews.
  3. 2 factor authentication. This can be as simple as requiring a text message with a 1 time code that you enter after your password. There are also apps (Google authenticator and authy) that remove the requirement for a text message.
  4. Change your password and security questions regularly, even if you just change one special character.
  5. Most importantly, do not write your passwords down. If you have trouble remembering them use a password saver app but make sure it has a very very secure password.

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