Top Free Cams from CamWhoresTV – Are They Any Good? [Honest Review]

Looking for live cam shows with the world’s greatest hoes? Well, you know that we LOVE hooking you up with worthwhile adult platforms, so today we’re going to examine This site was suggested to us from one of the users. We found it interesting enough to write an entire ramble-y post dissecting it, so that has to count for something.

Background Information

This camwhores-themed website was created not too long ago. It lets you look at “amazing amateur models” during their interactive live sex shows. The information located at the bottom of the page claims that access to online camwhores and their slutty-ass shows is 100% free and instant. There are also claims that you, as a visitor, have the option to indulge in Spying, Cam2Cam, and other fun activities.

So far so good, right? Let’s talk about things that work and things that don’t work in regards to this webcam girls online platform.

Top Free Cams from CamWhoresTV – Are They Any Good? [Honest Review]


  1. Huge selection of performers. There are many different women suitable for just about every taste, no matter how “intricate” your preferences might be. What’s also really important to note is that there are many women broadcasting live at any given point in time. Right now, for example, there are over 3.4k models online simultaneously. You can filter those live camwhores TV models by various criteria, which brings us to the next point…
  2. Great filtering options. You can filter women based on their ethnicity, age, body type, other physical attributes, type of show, you just name it. For example, you want to narrow it down to a petite Asian chick with bleached blond hair, perhaps some ink or some piercings, and you want her to simultaneously smoke and squirt for the cam… you can totally utilize the right filters to find her.
  3. Constant giveaways. Some platforms use FREE TOKENS as a way to trick you into purchasing a pricey membership or something dumb like that, but CamWhores.TV is legit. They really do give you free tokens that can be used instantly. Believe us, we tried several different promotions a few times over while researching this site in the last couple of weeks. There’s even a loophole that allows you to qualify for MORE free tokens, so leave a comment if you want us to send it to you privately.
  4. Convenient visual decisions. We’re not talking about the design, about the little things that matter – icons indicating that the woman is using interactive toys, broadcasting in HD, that sorta thing. The very telling thumbnail previews are also amazing. It’s also awesome that we can see the flags even before we enter the room, it saves time. 
  5. VR capabilities. We all understand it – virtual reality is going to crush old-fashioned pornography in the long run and camming is not an exception. Right now, you can already sort of experience the way of the future. Honestly, it’s one of the most rewarding and immersive experiences one could possibly hope for. 
  6. Spying, Cam2Cam, and messaging. There’s a plethora of ways you can interact with the models and all of them are amazing well-executed. We are not going to dwell on this particular positive for too long or this write-up is going to come off as a puff piece.


  1. Occasional ads. We understand that you need ads in order to make money. We understand that BIG TIME. That being said, there’s still some common decency: some of the ads feel extremely invasive and can be a total turn-off for first-time visitors. We suggest you ignore them for as long as you can because the experience itself is well worth your patience. Or something along those lines.
  2. Not every girl offers HD broadcasts. You know what, not having an HD-ready webcam in 2021 is pretty much inexcusable, BUT some of the women here come from dirt poor countries, including Brazil, India, and Russia. You know how it is.
  3. Few gay and trans models. Sometimes you want to spice it up with something or someone more exotic, y’know? There are not too many options available for you if you’re not as straight as a fucking arrow. Bummer.

Bottom Line

It should be pretty obvious to people that actually went through the trouble of reading this little write-up: we wholeheartedly recommend this site. It offers some of the best things you’ve come to expect from live sex sites and it offers them for free. Not too many other web-based platforms can reward you with this sort of experience even if you’re willing to pay up.

There’s one more thing that should be noted, though. The free experience is great and all, but really you should try to experience the VIP one as well. With free tokens, you’re going to be able to take your enjoyment to the very next level, but sometimes it’s worth to give yourself a little extra fun, so enjoy it!

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